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Raleigh Employment Discrimination Termination Lawyer 

If you have been terminated from an employment position in Raleigh or the surrounding Triangle area and you believe that the termination was not handled legally or that the reasons for the termination were illegal, you may have a wrongful termination claim against your employer.

At The Lollar Law Firm, Attorney Christina Lollar lawyers can investigate your case and determine whether you have been discriminated against or otherwise illegally terminated. Call us today at 919-924-0628 for a consultation or contact us online.

Triangle Area Wrongful Discharge Attorneys

 We work closely with our clients to pursue the best possible outcomes. We have helped many clients in a wide range of wrongful termination cases, including:

• Discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion and other protected classifications.

• Termination in retaliation for opposition to unlawful activity in the workplace.

• Termination for requesting overtime, lunch breaks or rest breaks.

• Termination for requesting or demanding accommodations in the workplace.

• Termination for requesting or taking family or medical leave.

• Termination due to refusal to enter an unsafe workplace.

• Discrimination based on political affiliation.

• Termination for taking time off to perform jury duty.

Protecting Your Rights

The goal of our employment law practice is to find effective solutions to your legal disputes.  The Lollar Law Firm will work hard to find solutions that work best for your individual circumstance and make sense for you. We know employment law, including the newest cases, and know how it applies to your situation. We can help you keep the whole situation in perspective and give you the best possible chance of winning. Think of us as experienced guides across unfamiliar, sometimes difficult, territory.

Contact a Wrongful Termination Lawyer Today

 For additional information about your legal rights and employment law matters in North Carolina, call us today at 919-924-0628 for a consultation or contact us online.


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