At Lollar Law, we are passionate about property rights. We focus our practice to the representation of private property owners in eminent domain and property rights litigation. We understand that these cases are often intrinsically personal, involving our clients’ homes, businesses, and livelihoods. We dedicate ourselves to getting to know our clients and understand their needs in order to provide the best representation possible. Our goal is to make property owners whole through the eminent domain process, recovering all compensation constitutionally guaranteed. We never represent condemning agencies or authorities, thereby avoiding any conflicts that could arise.


Eminent domain is an extremely complex area of law and fighting organizations possessing the extraordinary power of eminent domain can seem very intimidating or discouraging. At Lollar Law, we have over four decades of experience in handling property rights claims and trials, providing our clients with the highest quality professional assistance available and allowing them to rest assured that we will fight for the best outcome possible in every case. Call or e-mail us and put our family to work for yours.